Social Care

Social Care

If you live apart from your loved one with no family or friends living nearby, Social and Domestic Care can be extremely valuable.


Our research and experience have identified that many people, especially in older age, may feel lonely or isolated – possibly a result of either a health condition or a loss of a significant other.


Social Care offers you emotional support – this could be something as simple as a conversation over a coffee or help with your weekly shopping trip.

Domestic Care offers you help with household chores - perhaps with the laundry, light housework or someone to walk your dog.

How Can Social Care Help Me?


Our Social Care services improves your quality of life by offering you companionship and support.


Sometimes, you may just need a friend, or someone to share a story with. You may feel better knowing that someone is looking out for you when you go out to the shops or to visit a friend.


Because you are an individual and have your own needs and wants, we provide you with fully vetted, trained and qualified staff to help support you in the way that you require.


The support we provide as part of our Social and Domestic Care service can include, but is not limited to:


  • Help going shopping

  • Activity visits, for example, a trip to the theatre, library or hairdressers

  • Trips to visit family or friends

  • A simple cup of tea and a chat

  • Help with household chores

  • Assistance with pets