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Night Care

Don’t lose sleep worrying about who will look after you in the night when you may feel most vulnerable. AvaCare feel that you should be given the choice to remain at home and receive care throughout the night because we will always be there to support and reassure you.


AvaCare’ Night Care Service consists of Sleep-In Care and Wake-In Care.  Plans vary by the type and amount of care you need during the night.

How Can Night Care Help Me?


Night Care from AvaCare offers you support and assistance throughout the night to make sure you feel safe and secure.


We firmly believe that you should have the choice to stay at home and receive care during the night.


Whether you need someone to provide full night time care or to sleep in your home with you, AvaCare can help. Our Night Care is available in various forms, depending on your needs.


Sleep-In Care, is night time care for you if you require no assistance throughout the night, but want the peace of mind that someone else is in the property in case of a fall or for added security.


Whether through ill-health or old age, AvaCare understands that we get to a point in life where we need a range of support that doesn’t stop when day turns to night.


That is why we offer Wake-In Care. Wake-In Care is a fantastic service for those who require care and support throughout the night. Your Care Companion will be on hand to assist you all through the night – an ideal option if you have urgent needs at night.